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Tuesday Talk

Published:Monday | March 19, 2018 | 12:00 AM

1 Third wives are creating major chaos in some families, and we have been hearing some horror stories. In one particular story, the turmoil is threatening to engulf an entire golf course. Things are playing out loudly and could hit the media in weeks.

2 People are asking: Where are the wives of these errant pastors? A woman's instinct, they say, leads her to know when her man is cheating on her. So, are these women turning a blind eye? Are they complicit in their husbands' criminal behaviour?

3 Most people go to the beach to soak up sunshine and bask in the peace and calm offered by these secluded areas of our island. However, it seems there is a surprising amount of criminal activity that is taking place, especially on beaches in the west. Away from cameras and eavesdropping devices, it seems the beach is where the savvy dealers go to negotiate and conduct business. And the police? Asleep, some say.