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Something Extra | Monday

Published:Monday | April 2, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Birthday boy Robert ‘Ducksie’ Russell (right) in very good company with one of his best friends, former Prime Minister Bruce Golding.
Robert Russell (third left) gets a smooch from his wife Beverly, while other members of his family share in the cutting of his birthday cake. Photos by Janet Silvera
One Drink Only’s Juanita Diaz (left) and Melonie Lewin gave our lens some love.
From left: Dr Ruth Williams, her cousin Lisa Williams and friend Dr Jessica Yapp out to celebrate Robert Russell.
Brightening up our lens with their beautiful smiles are (from left) Sophia McKenzie, Tanya Martin and Serena Whittingham.
Like fathers like daughters. Pier 1’s Anna-Kay Russell (left) and Ann-Merita Golding mirror their father’s friendship.
John Byles and Kelly Molyneaux were among the over 300 persons who came out to celebrate Richard Russell.
Red Stripe’s Quanetta McNeal presents Robert Russell with a body of Johnny Walker Blue with his name inscribed on it.

While many celebrate Easter Monday today, on Saturday scores of Montegonians and those in the entertainment industry gathered at Pier 1 for a different reason - to celebrate Robert Russell. His daughter Shari Edwards organised a 70th birthday party for him and in attendance were over 300 persons, including former Prime Minister Bruce Golding. Russell received some touching tributes from long-time friends Johnny Gourzong, Godfrey Dyer, Frankie Bullock, Eleanor Miller, and Golding. Here's a peek inside the celebrations to get your week going.