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Something Extra | Tuesday

Published:Tuesday | April 3, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Always the showman, Machel Montano does whatever it takes to make sure revellers have a grand time.
Megan McNaughton chose a red one-piece to be on the front line of Caesar's Army.
Jeneque Pinnock in her own world enjoying the vibe.
Her face says it all. Kaci Fennel-Shirey is having a grand time at Caesar's Army Bacchanal Road Jamaica.
Gal pals from left: Patrique Goodall, Keela Foote and Stefani Dewar have all the boxes ticked for a good time, good friends and bacchanal.
Ashley Miller is in full Bacchanal mode on Sunday.

While many journeyed to the far corners of the island to have a grand time, over the Easter weekend, Kingston city also paid host to parties galore. On Easter Sunday, the National Stadium played host to Caesar's Army Bacchanal Road Jamaica and revellers hjad a grand time. Enjoy!