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Something Extra | Wednesday

Published:Wednesday | April 4, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Laiel Eytle in his element.
Gabrielle Murdock (centre) flanked by friends Morgan McFarlane (left) and Shannon March.
Perched pretty at Tailgate are Ka-el Clarke (left) and Stephanie Harrison. Photos by Live Stush
Traci Stewart and Byron Purkiss caught mid-revelling at Tailgate.
Soca lovers Kaci Fennell Shirley (right) and gal pal Alexan Stewart didn’t miss a beat.
There is no way to misread what Alicia Ganess (left) and Leanne Spence are channelling – ’We are Roman and we are revellers and we are having a good time’.
The beautiful Brittne Murray.

We sail through the mid week with more revelling highlights from Tailgate to Caesar's Army Br Jamaica, both which took place at the National Stadium. With just a few days to go before road march, soca lovers are all riled up to go. Enjoy!