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Published:Sunday | April 8, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Make way for the horns. Nathan Patterson from Brooklyn held his own in the Xaymaca band during yesterday's road march.
Jheanell Stephenson having a grand time chipping down the road with the Xodus Band.
There was no stopping Shaneke Williams chipping down the road in the Corporate Area with the Xodus band.
Here we come. PR chick Alysia Francis coming through.
It may be Jamaica Carnival but Martina Ady from Florida is representing her native homeland of Haiti as part of Xaymaca International.


It was Bacchanal in the streets of the Corporate Area yesterday, as an Xodus of revellers took over the streets for the annual carnival road march. Xaymaca - the land of wood and water, became the land of revelling and celebrating!