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Something Extra | Thursday

Published:Thursday | April 12, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Dwight Williams, senior director, product management at FLOW, is flanked by his wife Diane (right) and colleague Phadra Saunders, HR director, FLOW, as they make the rounds at the Sun-Nation Breakfast party at the Constant Spring Golf Club, recently.
Execs from FLOW were out and about during Carnival Weekend. Kecia Taylor (left), FLOW’s senior legal counsel, and Carlo Redwood, VP marketing, made the Sun-Nation Breakfast party one of the stops.
Sighted on ‘The Rock’, at the Sun-Nation Breakfast party, was former Miss Universe, Wendy Fitzwilliam, who was in Jamaica to promote the ongoing season of the Caribbean’s Next Top Model which airs on FLOW.
Kaci Fennell partied on the front line of Caesar’s Army A.M. Bush.
Kelli-Dawn Hamilton and Ana-Kaye Green were out to have some colourful fun at Caesar’s Army A.M. Bush.
From left: Decoda Martin, Kerri-Ann Guyah and Michelle Cunningham joined forces when they rendezvoused at Caesar’s Army A.M. Bush.
Samantha Strachan is all caught up in the moment, as she enjoys the music at Caesar’s Army A.M. Bush.

The Carnival weekend is over, and the spectacle that overtook the streets of Kingston is still fresh in the minds of soca lovers ... but not to be forgotten are the 'soca parties' that paved the way for road march day. The Sun-Nation Breakfast Party and Caesar's Army A.M. Bush were two hot events that caught the attention of some popular personalities.