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Something Extra | Monday

Published:Sunday | May 13, 2018 | 12:00 AM
With wine in hand, Crystal Lamothe celebrates the collaboration of European nations on Europe Day.
Carrol Pickersgill was spotted in an exquisite floral ensemble.
Hanna Fiskesjo (left) and Dr Lisa Vasciannie, were found catching up on their Swedish, during the event.
Rose Tavares Finson and Bomber Jones are out to celebrate Europe Day.
Nigerian Ambassador Janet Olisa and her husband Dada showed off some traditional Nigerian attire.
From left: Kahlia Gunning, Denize Stephenson-Miller, Oneil Miller, and Tashi Grant, enjoy a night out on the grounds of the newly renovated EU residence.
From left: Tamicka Malcolm, Ornella Lewis and Nikeba Luton, were out to turn some heads when they wore designs by Pang from Falmouth.

The European family recently gathered on the lawns of the newly renovated Ambassador's residence, to celebrate the highly anticipated Europe Day. What is said to be the best example of regional integration, was honoured with fine cuisine and elaborate cocktails. Something Extra, brings you the highlights.