Sat | Aug 8, 2020

Tuesday Talk

Published:Monday | May 21, 2018 | 12:00 AM

1 There are some good reasons why office romances are not encouraged and the consultant is finding out the hard way just how difficult things can become. First, the jealous wife, then the four girlfriends, together they form an impenetrable barrier. However, the persistent one is not giving up.

2 When an older woman takes up with a young stud, all kinds of things can go wrong. So as chatters let their hair down, the latest verandah talk is about the millions who have apparently gone down the drain via Mama's man.

3 The A-list widow was all set to walk down the aisle until her adult son did some background checks and discovered that the guy was in fact a freeloader who lied constantly about his assets. Mother is devastated.