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Tuesday Talk

Published:Monday | June 4, 2018 | 12:00 AM

1 The lady cop is now a full-fledged restaurateur. From recent reports, the spot continues to be one of Kingston's favourites. In these tough times, there are many who are doing some hustling to boost their formal employment. Today, moonlighting is all but formalised within the JCF.

2 It was quite a scene downtown when the lawman was called out to where his car was being towed. Many were wondering how he could have, without due regard for the law, parked his vehicle by the fire hydrant. Well, his yelling and gesticulations were to no avail - he was later seen heading to the pound.

3 In this Internet age, it is not difficult to authenticate anything. So, when this young lady chose to use an established company name as hers, she was immediately called out, and now, settlement terms are being discussed behind closed doors.