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Tuesday Talk

Published:Monday | June 11, 2018 | 12:00 AM

1 The product is carried in many Jamaican stores as demand for more healthy options soar but no one is warning consumers of the dangers of injury from using it. There are many reports coming from America. Is there a standards institution here or has it been downgraded?

2 The businessman could not understand why he was getting the royal treatment at his financial institution, but it began right after he had made a substantial deposit. And after he was propositioned by an employee, he learnt from a friend that he, too, had been approached by a staffer. The trick is to look at big balances and target the owners.

3 Marriage rumours have proven to be fake news. The widower and the drunk were an item for a while, but no vows were taken and now that they have become separated, it seems for good.