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Something Extra | Friday

Published:Wednesday | July 4, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Tenique Gayle (left) and Dr Debi-Ann Newell were out to have some early-morning fun at Andrew Bellamy's recent birthday bash.
Ricki Walsh (left) hanging out with Kandi King.
Nadine Beaumont-Walters (left) and Shadae Whyte show off their fashion and style.
Birthday boy Andrew Bellamy and wife Corrinne, enjoying the party vibe.
Chele-Ann Desouza turned heads when she stepped out in beach mode.
Chloe Da’Costa (left) gets a hug from Lyshon Davis as they smile for the camera.


Xaymaca boss Andrew Bellamy, recently celebrated his birthday in style, when he invited friends to his 'Bash' at Wicki Wacki, located just 10 minutes from the Harbour View roundabout. The event which was slated to run from 5 a.m., until 11:30 a.m., saw guests turning up 'beach ready', all set to party and have a good time. Here are the social highlights.