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Palatable paradise at TGI Fridays Cocktail Experience

Published:Friday | July 20, 2018 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson/Gleaner Writer
All in the TGI family: Bar Coach at TGI Fridays Trinidad, Christal Cravador, is sandwiched by Rhea Singh (left), vice president of TGI Fridays Trinidad and Jamaica, and Candace Villaroel, brand leader of TGI Fridays Trinidad and Jamaica.
Mingling in high spirits are Jessica Perez and Kyle Roman.
Investment Consultant and Vlogger, Rochelle Linton, was in a 'berry' good mood, courtesy of her London Smasher.
Tami Hoyow (left) and Kristina Broderick, beam with pride holding a signature drink from TGI Fridays' new bar menu.
Blue Rita Shaker is ideal for anyone who loves tequila.
Bar coach, Christal Cravador, the 2017 world bartender championship, Latin America and Caribbean representative, in her element at the recently held Fridays Cocktail Experience.
Frozen Lava Flow will erupt on your taste buds with bursts of flavour.

There's nothing like a smooth, full-bodied, sweet or simply irresistible mix to start your weekend off on a high note. And last Monday, specially invited guests got into the 'Friday' spirit when they were treated to the tantalising taste of the new bar menu now available at TGI Fridays.

Warmly greeted with a lei, festive persons were escorted to a palatable paradise. To make the occasion even more flavourful, Fridays spiced things up by featuring Bar Coach, Christal Cravador, the 2017 world bartender championship Latin America and Caribbean representative. But first, to get the party started, hors d'oeuvres floated among those eager to whet their appetites.

From there, the beautiful and bubbly Cravador, took control, smiling, laughing, flaring and engaging her attentive audience with the mixing process of each cocktail. The first drink of the night, Fridays Rum Punch - a Caribbean classic, could only be described as a fruity fiesta with a strong kick of intoxication.




Drink number two kept us in the island. According to Cravador, TGI Fridays is the inventor of long island iced tea, but they've decided to put a twist on this favourite by giving it a tropical flavour, hence the name Tropical Long Island Iced Tea.

The ambrosial affair took us to England for the London Smash: a 'berry' refreshing and balanced libation. You've never had tequila as spicy as The Blue Rita Shaker, and cooling it down, taking us back home is the Frozen Lava Flow: a combination of sweet with waves of creamy and splashes of fresh fruit. Participants of this exclusive event, mingled among themselves, sipping on all five, while they indulged in their faves.