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Winning run! 39 miles in a single night

Published:Friday | July 20, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Marketing Manager of Lifespan Water, Danielle Howe (right) and Patrice White, share a hug on a job well done.
Starting at 8:30 on Friday night, Patrice White hit the 39 mile marker at 6:30 a.m., on Saturday.
From left: Peter Gayle (23 miles), Damion McIntosh (full 39 miles), Patrice J White ( full 39 miles), Marc Franskson (15 Miles), and Jorge Steven Kerr (full 39 miles).
They hit the track running, and never looked back.

Fitness trainer Patrice White has done it again.

Known for pushing her body and mind to super-human lengths, White recently ran 39 miles in a single night.

This might seem like an impossible task, and for many persons it is, but not for White, who is known to set up big goals and hit them out of the park. Just last year she ran 380 miles in one month to celebrate her 38th birthday. This year, her birthday has given her another opportunity to push her own limits.

"I turn 39 on July 24, so I decided I was going to run one mile for each year I've been alive," said White, owner of Dynamic Lifestyle fitness studio.

"Plus, I want to transition into an ultra marathon runner, so I figured this is the perfect start."

But running 39 miles at one time is a daunting task, no matter who you are. Even White started feeling the pressure.

"The week leading up to the run I became a nervous wreck. I called my running partners freaking out, telling them I couldn't do it. Even the morning of the run I was nervous. I've never run over 27 miles, and that itself was challenging. My nervousness was more about failure that I wouldn't be able to complete the 39 miles," White said.

Her nerves affected her eating which led to stomach aches, around mile nine of the run.

"At mile 18, I started having conversations with myself. I said, 'Pat, seriously why do you always do these wicked things to yourself?' At mile 20, I'm like, 'I have 19 more miles to go. I am going to fail this challenge'," said White. But she and her running partners Damion McIntosh and Steven didn't quit.

"At mile 37, tears ran down my face while running, but I'm like, I cannot fail with just two miles left to go. I was able to push past quitting because of my mental strength. I'm a strong person mentally and once I set my mind to do something, failure isn't an option," said White.

"When we hit that 39-mile marker, I threw my hands up in the air and started crying. Completing the run just proves to me that anything I set my mind to do, I can accomplish. This run has taught me a lot about how strong I am mentally and physically and how disciplined I am, and that I'm not a quitter," said White.