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Something Extra | Thursday

Published:Wednesday | August 29, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Chad Leyow (right), snuggles with his fiancée Andra Garib.
Whitney Eldemire (left) and Taiye Wilson are looking quite outstanding.
A confident-looking Romey Wade was only too happy to strike a pose for the cameras.
Matthew Gray and Renee Barnett share some lens time.
From left: Sunnation promoter Oliver McIntosh hanging out with Jodi Hylton and Omar Dattadean, brand manager and assistant brand manager of premium beers, respectively, at Red Stripe.
Jonas Holness (left) and Shinelle Simpson are all smiles at Tabanca.

As the summer season closes off, so too did the Sunnation Tabanca series. What better way to end summer than with the sweet sounds of soca? The Heineken and Johnnie Walker-sponsored event was held on Saturday, August 25, at the Victoria Pier, downtown Kingston.