Wed | Sep 30, 2020

Tuesday Talk

Published:Monday | September 10, 2018 | 12:00 AM

1. It's wonderful that some public places now have restroom facilities. But how can males and females fit into one space at the same time? A shopper in an uptown supermarket was flummoxed when she came out of the toilet stall to discover that a man was using the urinal out in the open. She hurriedly washed her hands and left. This has to have some serious implications for customers and workers.

2. So the prestigious Harvard university has reignited the coconut oil debate! The silence from our tertiary and medical institutions and medical experts (except Dr Alfred Dawes) is deafening. So many of our people use coconut oil - if it's poison as the goodly professor claims, we should be warned.

3. The woes of the educational system are mounting as more teachers take flight. It seems fairly obvious that overseas recruitment has to take place to fill the many gaps. In some instances, teachers are being recruited for overseas classrooms before the ink is dry on their certificates. We gather that some of the teachers are now earning commissions from helping with recruitment.