Thu | Nov 21, 2019

Tuesday Talk

Published:Tuesday | October 2, 2018 | 12:00 AM

1 So, you may notice a high-end SUV cruising your neighbourhood and you think nothing of it. We are learning that smart criminals are renting these vehicles and using them to commit robberies. They are relying on the idea that persons believe these vehicles are driven by successful people who have no need to rob and plunder. Think again.

2 Apparently Jamaican gold is attracting potential investors to the island. But it's not the gold in the ground, mind you, it's the one that is stolen from people's homes. Our underground sources say buyers arrive from South America and drive into various communities as if prospecting. The gold is exchanged for DVD, phones and televisions. Are the police asleep?

3 Finally, it seems the #MeToo movement has caught on in Jamaica. The sequel to the letter alleging sexual exploitation by a politician is coming ... we have the scoop, so wait for it.