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Something Extra | Monday

Published:Monday | October 8, 2018 | 12:00 AM
A welcome balance to the conversation, Psychiatry resident Dr Krystle Bailey is in high spirits following a steamy discussion.
Only fitting that Tenique Gayle, manager of Broadtails design brought flair to the evening's event.
Fashion forward and the perfect host all in one. Dania Beckford had the task of steering the controversial conversation and at the end of the night, everybody was pleased with the destination.
Out for a grand time are Zachary Black, DRT's Tiffany Grey and DJ Narity of Fame FM.
Panelist Devon Smith and the beautiful Samantha Saab are all smiles after the first edition of Flair Topix.
The expert in the house, Kamala McWhinney, stuck to her truth but made it clear that you should know what it is you can’t handle and what you are willing to take.
Let's get ready with the Appleton Estate welcome cocktail.


Thursday night's rain was no match for the sizzling conversation on the Rooftop at 100, Kingston. The first in a series of Flair Topix had those who were present physically and on social media glued to the carefully selected panel as they dissected the issue of 'side pieces'.