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Novelette McGhie grateful to PAN for showcasing her talent

Published:Friday | October 19, 2018 | 12:04 AM
Novelette McGhie, first-place winner for St James.

Novelette McGhie has been preparing pan chicken in an unfinished concrete structure on weekdays. She dreams of being financially able to complete the facility.

"I always enjoyed cooking and I have been doing it for eight years now. I had a cook shop but I got sick, and I had to close it down," McGhie shared.

She continued, "I have been doing jerk chicken for seven years at Paradise - my shop where I also sell snacks. I started building a structure where I can do the chicken, but it's not finished and that's what I want to focus on if I win the PAN chicken competition".

McGhie finished in first place for the parish of St James at PAN 2018 Regional 2 in St Elizabeth last month. Her win came as a surprise.




"It was a lady from the SDC office who told me that I should enter. She brought me the form and encouraged me. I wanted the experience and the exposure so I decided to take her advice", said McGhie.

"I didn't expect to win because it was a bit challenging. Overall, I learnt a lot and it was a great experience, because I got the opportunity to showcase my talent," she added.

McGhie spoke about how the competition has enhanced her skills.

"I learnt how to make a better sauce, and I also learnt how to prepare food carefully. The competition taught me a lot."

She shared her game plan to make an impression with the judges at the PAN grand final on Sunday, October 28, saying, "I want to make an even better sauce and experiment with the chicken. So that's what I am planning on doing. I want to be the winner, because I am doing this for my six children," the 45-year-old Paradise, Norwood, resident said.