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Something Extra | Friday

Published:Thursday | November 22, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Experiencing the greatest in fine dining at the ‘round table’ are (from left) Noel Alcott, Jermaine Allen, Ayisha Richards, Ryan Anslip, Allison Walker, Antoinette Brown and Yaniece Gentles. All are proudly representing Celebration Brands.
Yaniece Gentles enjoys her C8 chicken tikka with a satisfying smile.
Broker liason at Guardian General Insurance Jamaica Limited Michael Leon, takes a break from biting into his broccoli for a ‘candid’ photo.
Already starting her seafood jambalaya pasta, Millicent Douse toasts to a tasty evening with her cocktail.
Noel Alcott is pleased to be celebrating the ultimate Restaurant Week experience at Cellar 8.
Guardian General Insurance Jamaica Limited’s Sheraley Bridgeman, vice-president in business development and marketing (second left), and Michael Leon, broker liaison (second right), host clients Millicent Douse, vice-president of claims (left), and Lorraine McKenzie, customer service supervisor (right), from Fraser Fontaine and Kong Limited.

Restaurant Week might be over, but the celebration doesn't have to be. Let's play 'Flashback Friday' and showcase the savoury indulgence at Cellar 8. Something Extra brings you the highlights.