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Xaymaca ‘Wining’ with All Inclusive

Published:Thursday | January 3, 2019 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson/Gleaner Writer
Andrew Bellamy, chief executive officer for Xaymaca International, shares a photo with Jodi Hylton, brand manager for Heineken.
Suwannee Caine (centre), head of marketing and sponsorships at the Gleaner Company Media Limited, DJ Narity (left), and Renaissance Disco’s DJ Delano share a quick photo op.
Pia Haynes (left) and Kim Perry revel in the soca vibes on the dance floor.
Xaymaca patrons in full vibes as Soca Princess Nailah Blackman sings her heart out on stage.

Soca gave partygoers new life as east met west, converging at the trans-formed carnival hub at the Chinese Garden at Hope Gardens last Saturday night. The wining and dining occasion was that of a premium experience: Xaymaca All-Inclusive.

Pulsating beats echoed at the gate, beckoning those eagerly waiting at the entrance to dance right in. The vibe was right from the get-go as on entry, it was clear that the much-talked-about event was curated to satisfy all the senses.

The decor and lighting set their mark. Golden streamers opened the pathway to flashing lights, iconic et al Xaymaca costumes were on display for carnival 2019, and brightly lit photo booths adorned festively for picture-perfect photo opportunities.

The on-trend fashionistas and 'cha-cha boys' rocked the dance floor, which was unavoidable, given the musical energy created by the DJs. No wall-flowers were in sight, only smiles and cheer all around to reflect the merry season.

No good event is worth its salt without great vibes, and Xaymaca All-Inclusive had this aplenty. When not dancing, one could venture off to the palate-pleasing food court, visit one of the well-stocked bars, or simply admire aspects of Chinese culture that complemented the venue.The libations were potent, the cuisine was internationally exciting, and the music was on blast for all to savour. Sokah singer Nailah Blackman took the stage after 1:00 a.m. to offer her fiery rendition of carnival hits, and her audience attentively responded, echoing her lyrics with curated waistlines.

There was no desire that couldn't be met by this event. It was truly a premium experience all round: Promise made, promise kept.