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Something Extra | Thursday

Published:Thursday | March 28, 2019 | 12:26 AM
Dancer Shamara Spencer, gets lit with 876 Mountain Bliss.
(From left) Dr Terri-Karelle Reid; Philip Palmer, Director of Dream Entertainment and Kandi King, Director, Xaymaca International, get their own take way of Salada 876 Mountain Bliss in Gold and Classic after their talk on 'Competing Brands: A Good Thing?'
(From left) Dr Leachim Semaj, Indiggo keynote speaker and quantum transformation psychologist, extends his discussion on 'Living Beyond Anxiety and Depression' with Marvin Kerr, marketing coordinator at Salada Foods Jamaica, and Yannick Reid, graphic designer and digital illustrator.
(From left) Takiya Browne, Director, Carnival Nduzi, and Dr Mario Evons, media personality and singer, are all about the emojis.
The ladies of Mountain Bliss 876, kept Indiggo conference guests perked up with beautiful smiles and delicious coffee.
From left - Marilyn Bennett, Lorraine Williams, Ronald and Andrea Dishman, join in the recent celebration of Lanville 'Sankey' Henry's birthday party in Robin's Bay St Mary.
From left - Blossom Chinsee, Audrey Shirley and Connie Chen, are in a relaxed mode, as they take in the recent happenings at Lanville 'Sankey' Henry's birthday party in Robin's Bay, St Mary.

The 'INDIGGO Conference', is a motivational and networking event geared towards individuals striving towards being in the creative industry. Here, patrons were engaged by powerhouse speakers from the industry, in hopes of providing insights on how to move the creative industry towards developing a strong foundation in business. Salada Foods Jamaica, pitched in by providing a Coffee Station featuring Bliss, served hot or cold, and Blissful Cookies. Here are the highlights, along with a teaser of what went down at the recent birthday celebration of retired banker, Lanville 'Sankey' Henry, in Robin's Bay St Mary.