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Something Extra | Monday

Published:Monday | September 2, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Paul Burke and Angela Brown Burke are welcomed by Brian ‘Ribbi’ Chung, co-director, Ribbiz, to the launch of the Ribbiz Ocean Lounge Jammin Jerk Wenzdeh, Victoria Pier, Kingston, recently.
Richard Leitao (left), head of procurement, supply chain and real estate at Digicel, and Neil Grant, executive account manager, Huawei, relax during Jammin Jerk Wenzdeh.
From left: Neil Lawrence, CEO, Growth Tech; Ryan Reid, chairman, First Rock, and Garth Walker, chairman, Adam and Eve Day Spa, were spotted enjoying the vibe at Jammin Jerk Wenzdeh.
Dawn Pena (left) and Sharmalee Gadekar share a light moment.
Michael and Cheryl McKenzie enjoying each other’s company and some great music at Jammin Jerk Wenzdeh.
Brian ‘Ribbi’ Chung (left), co-director at Ribbiz, exchanges pleasantries with attorney-at-law Demetri Adams.
Christine Benjamin, financial solutions manager at JMMB, enjoys the jerk corn on the cob during Jammin Jerk Wenzdeh.

Downtown’s hottest spot, the Ribbiz Ocean Lounge, last week launched Jammin Jerk Wenzdeh with an added menu full of jerked offerings. From pork to chicken to seafood and vegan delights, the night was well received, with many diners coming out to partake. Along with the sumptuousness were the musical selections of Dj Courtney with hits from the ’80s and ’90s. These are the highlights.