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Something Extra | Monday

Published:Monday | October 28, 2019 | 12:23 AM
Melissa Anderson, human resource/administration manager at Total Jamaica, represented for Breast Cancer Awareness Month from head to toe.
It’s no question why Kadyan Salmon received second place for Best Dressed at the 2019 Pink Run.
Media personality Terri-Karelle Reid, a little tired after stretching her muscles in the ICWI 2019 Pink Run 5K, puts on a smile and stands strong in support of the cause.
Queenie Ko and her puppy pal took some time to pause for a photo as they attempted to make the 5K walk at ICWI’s 2019 Pink Run.
Happy to show off her medal of completion, Yolanda Gardener strikes a confident pose.
The message on the shirts of (from left) Conrod Darby, Odain Donegan and Corey Lawson were loud and pink.
RJR’s Hotline talkshow host, attorney-at-law Emily Shields, ditches her court gown and stilettos to don a hot pink, high-low skirt and sneakers as part of Flair Ja’s team for the ICWI 2019 Pink Run 5k in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

All shades and colours of pink streaked across the streets of Kingston yesterday morning as participants turned out for the ICWI Pink Run. Supporters got creative in adhering to the ‘tutus and tall socks’ theme as they walked, ran, or just showed up for a worthy cause – the fight against breast cancer. Here are the highlights.