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Something Extra | Friday

Published:Friday | November 8, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Grace Campbell is safely perched between Lexford Earle (left) and Chevon McGhie for this photo op.
Showing their true colours are (from left) Lance Duhaney, Lance Gibbs and Egbert Clarke, as they represented at the Cornwall College Alumni Association of South Florida, recently.
From left: Beauties Sydney Chow, Stacey Myles and Marsha Myrie certainly rocked their outfits in fine style.
Looking quite elegant (from left) are Maxeen Osborne, Marsha Downer, Claudia Fennell Gibbs and Nicole Fenell as they pose for a quick photo op.
Melissa Grizzle (left) and Jackie Jarrett are quite the match in these red hot dresses.
Michel Morgan (left) and Shellene Thorpe are standouts with these bold splits.
Talk about turning heads! Sherica Sailsman (left) and Danielle Gilchrist are a sight to behold.
Looking quite elegant and stylish are Janet Silvera (left), first female member of the Cornwall College Alumni Association, South Florida Chapter, and Sandra Daley Francois, director of sales at the Chales F. Dodge Center, Pembroke Pines.

Hundreds turned out for the Cornwall College Alumni Association of South Florida 25th Anniversary Dinner and Awards Banquet at the Charles F. Dodge City Center in Pembroke Pines last Saturday night. It was a weekend of activities which started with a meet-and-greet on Friday at the Dunn’s River Restaurant and Bar, closing with Sunday brunch at the Broward Central Park. We bring you the highlights. See today’s Living publication for more coverage of the event.