Sun | Jan 17, 2021

Something Extra | Friday

Published:Friday | January 3, 2020 | 12:00 AM
Hosts for the night, Akira Burke, Sashanna Beckford and Jenelle Taylor, were dressed in festive north pole outfits for the joyous occasion.
Dressed in shimmery ensembles, Georgette Gayle and Kerida Simms took their party favours and danced the night away.
Friends Sherry DaRosa and Alanna Kirschner were decked out little black dresses that made their eyes pop.
Destiny Graham and Kathryn Phipps, ambassador to Cuba, were spotted toasting to a prosperous new year.
Mature girl gang, Violet Wade, Karlene Smith and Carla Gibson-Newell stopped the show with stilettos and and a bit of shimmer.
Check out Alison Morgan and Kayla Morris stylishly parading into the new year.

Ribbiz Ocean Lounge hosted the perfect celebratory party to ring in the new year. Scores of patrons rummaged through the waterfront crowd, to get inside of the beautiful blue, white and silver decorated dining room turned dance floor. Patrons partied while enjoying a luxurious buffet dinner consisting of a live sushi station, a meat carving station along with everyone’s favourite pastas and curried delights served on the deck, with a view of the fireworks. If you missed this exclusive soiree, here are the highlights.