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Jamie Melbourne creates fashion history at 58

Published:Friday | January 10, 2020 | 12:00 AM
Jamie Melbourne
Jamie Melbourne

Saint created fashion history with the stunning debut of its 58-year-old male model Jamie Melbourne on the international fashion landscape.

This has caused quite a stir and a lot of positive feedback considering the widely held view that modelling is for the young, as in 15-25-year-olds. Underscored by the belief that a model career lasts only five years – notwithstanding the legion of supermodels with a decade or more in the fashion orbit.

Melbourne was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and migrated to the States after high school. Melbourne and Saint International CEO Deiwght Peters share a mutual friend in film producer Maxine Walters. Walters convinced the shy New York-based quinquagenarian to pay Peters a visit and to make his wish known of wanting to be a high-fashion model. After a dinner meeting at The Terra Nova All Suite Hotel, Peters gave him a full vote of confidence and assured him he would be a star.

“I had no doubt that Jamie had the qualities to be a star model, despite the age. After all, there are evolving fashion trends which need looks like Jamie’s for validation to rapidly changing retail demographic globally,” Peters shared.


After posting a digital from his first photo session, Peters immediately received an email from one of fashion’s most influential brands requesting information.

Jamie adheres to a strict diet and exercise routine that allows him to maintain the features that have struck a chord with some of the world’s top fashion clients. “For my health, I eat organically and as green-based as possible, and no dairy. I only drink water and as little sugar and salt as possible. I am always very focused on physical exercise. I work out with weights religiously and swim whenever possible, as I grew up swimming competitively up to age 17. For skincare, I use just soap and water but always a good moisturiser.”