Sat | Mar 28, 2020

Something Extra | Monday

Published:Monday | March 16, 2020 | 12:08 AM
Tara Playfair-Scott, looking pretty in pink, celebrating the ability to shape the minds and hearts of many as a successful businesswoman.
Present and glowing was Kalilah Reynolds, who is making money moves and encouraging everyone to join her on the journey.
Shani Reid says being a woman means “unafarid to be herself”, so watch out for this ball of fire!
The kind of blue you should be on a Monday. Tracy-Ann Spence slayed in this jumpsuit.
With the strongest of personalities and a bright smile, Davina Henry does what she wants to and owns it, adding enegy to the girls-only party.
Make that denim and bubbly for the sophisticated Debra Taylor.
The multitalented fashionista Jami Spence was a perfect fit to the brunch as she also shared her aspirations with lovely group of ladies.
Always #chelling, girl boss Chelan Smith brightening your Monday with her picture-perfect smile.

Just us Girls was a private lunch put on by Jamaica Liquor Warehouse’s Managing Director Nesha Hoo Kim. It was a day to pay homage to strong women during Women’s History Month – women who are breaking barriers and making a name for themselves. Check out the highlights.