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Something Extra | Monday

Published:Monday | March 23, 2020 | 12:00 AM
Business mogul Hugh Hart share a light moment with Alexandra Chong, CEO of Jacana.
Arika Scarlet, Jacana’s guest experience representative, speaking on the benefits of Jacana’s products.
Breaking from the business chat are Stush in the Bush co-owner Lisa Binns (left) and Chris Binns with Alexandra Chong (centre), CEO Jacana.
Knowledge is power they say. Dr Richard Hall is sharing all he knows about cannabis with Amanda Gauld.
From left: Kim Del Mundo; His Excellency Asif Ahmad, British high commissioner; Alexandra Chong, CEO Jacana; Hugh Hart and his daughter stopped for a photo after a great day of learning and new experiences.
Serving up ‘something extra’ was Stush in the Bush with their Coconut Cilantro Bisque served in halved dry coconut with fresh coconut cream, toasted coconut, and cannabis herbed focaccia.
Who says the world of books has to be dull, boring and always serious? Ian Randle Publishers proved otherwise with the recent unveiling of its latest publication, Another Mother, the story of Jewish boy and his Jamaican nanny. Captured in this photo is the man at the centre of it all, author Ross Kenneth Urken, with the fabulous four (from left) Christine Randle, Glynne Manley, Carolyn Cooper and Gloria Moodie.

Jacana Therapeutics, a medical cannabis company, had an exclusive farm-to-table experience on Thursday at their property in Mount Plenty, St Ann. Guests were given a guided tour of the farm and the processing facility. They were also treated to Stush in the Bush infusions that delighted the palate and stayed true to the spirit of Jacana’s product range – Joy to excite, Peace to calm, Passion to indulge, and Relief to satisfy. Here are the highlights.