Wed | May 27, 2020

Something Extra | Wednesday

Published:Wednesday | April 8, 2020 | 12:00 AM
Check out how Davina Laylor-Haynes (@daavy-waavy) wears her denim on denim look from @beatbynordz.
We love a denim mini skirt! Jada Campbell (@heyprude) adds a pair of clear stilettos and a satin top to make her statement. Of course, we’re adding cool points for the yellow hue transparent purse.
This outfit Tanaka Roberts (@swankxtar) put together is giving us Bohemian-chic vibes. Who said combat sandals were out?
It’s been so hot for the past couple of days. We feel a lot cooler looking at these friends who shopped their cropped-top look from The Denim Rack (@thedenimrackinfo)
We scream for graffiti! Chase Ferguson (@ch4sethedream) pairs this look with sneakers as white as snow.
Amanyea (@amanyea) has been high-key stealing our hearts with statement looks. Wearing this stone-washed denim shorts, she accessorised with a puppy and a heart-smiting smile.
Corporate Friday wear. Tariq Young @riq.young gives us boy-next-door with a crisp long- sleeve button-up. Check out his hair and shoelaces.
Randall Richards @randyrandeh, a well-known creative, had us by the denim details. The rips and trails of white paint adds to his whole aesthetic.

There is no downside when wearing denim. It’s timeless and versatile. How you choose to style it is completely up to you, and your outfit is bound to turn heads while you look your best effortless self. Do you sport your denim like any of these fashion-forward folks?