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Something Extra | Friday

Published:Friday | June 19, 2020 | 12:06 AM
Carlton and Carreen
Carlton and Carreen

Heroes, providers, teachers, supporters, and storytellers, these ordinary men supersize into loving giants once they become dads. So we’re kicking off this Father’s Day weekend early by honouring these kings who are doing a fantastic job of raising their princes and princesses. Here’s our tribute in today’s Something Extra.

Oneil Grant revealed that as far as similarities go, his daughter Aarya is fiercely independent and has a strong sense of self, just like him. “Her personality is larger than life and she truly lights up a room when she confidently makes her presence known,” he shared.

Carreen Walton had this to say about her father, Carlton, “I love my Daddy because he’s my favourite date and dance partner. The country runs to St. Elizabeth for shrimp and mashing up the dance floor at weddings and parties are fun. But I love him most of all because even though he can be very stubborn and miserable, he goes above and beyond for his family.”

Marlon Campbell explained that he loves seeing his son’s development. “Watching Judah grow, change and learn is very exciting – just seeing him discover things is an indescribable joy,” he added.

Merrick Marshall, who enjoys taking walks, playing football and watching Baby’s First TV with his son Carson, highlighted that it’s important for them to have a father-son bond because “it helps him to develop trust in me to help so that I guide him through his development and boost his self confidence.”

For Kmar Coombs, one of the key lessons his daughter, Kailee, has taught him is that it doesn’t matter where or how quality time is being spent, as long as they are doing it together. “She has helped me to become a better father by keeping me on my toes, challenging me to make rational decisions and hear her side of the story before jumping to conclusions.”

Raising Queens, Bree’Ah-Marie (4 years old) and Bella-Renée (1 year old), has transformed Brian Cuff’s life. “I’ve had to find the balance between supporting and empowering, disciplining and encouraging and so much more. Watching them grow before my eyes have increased my gratitude and has helped increase my knowledge, patience and understanding. it has just been a dream come true,” he said.