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McCarthy aims to 'right' Caribbean ranking - Jamaican vows to beat up Aruba's Nedd in MMA title fight

Published:Thursday | September 4, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Robert 'Danger' McCarthy
Evan Nedd

Leighton Levy, Gleaner Writer

Jamaica's de facto Mixed Martial Arts champion, Robert 'Danger' McCarthy, is set to fight Aruba's Evan Nedd for the right to be called the best MMA light heavyweight fighter in the Caribbean.

Both men will do battle in Aruba on September 26 on a 12-fight card billed 'MMA Throwdown' at the Centro Deportivo Betico Croes.

Nedd, despite a record of three wins and four losses, is considered the number-one fighter in the Caribbean. His last win came in September 2010 when he knocked out Ben Smith in two rounds. However, he has lost his last three fights, the last of which occurred on June 30, 2012 when he was stopped in the first round by Adrick Croes.

Fight preparation

By contrast, in his last fight, McCarthy won the International Cage War middleweight belt in October last year, when he defeated Tijah 'New Killer' Stanley of St Kitts. He now aims to replace Nedd as the Caribbean's top light heavyweight MMA fighter.

"I have been training with a group of guys in New Jersey at this gym called MPR MMA where I get wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mora Thai Kickboxing, everything I need to prepare for this fight," said McCarthy, who has been working in New Jersey for the past two weeks. "Even though the time for preparation is short, I am going to be 100 per cent ready."

McCarthy said there is no doubt that he will win and is predicting a knockout.

"I think this will be my biggest win because it will be a knockout," he said, adding that his friend and usual training partner, Cleon Bardowell, who is also on the fight card, will be his corner man for the bout.

"This guy (Nedd) is the wrong number one in the Caribbean and I am the wrong number three, so after this fight Jamaica will have the number-one middleweight and light heavyweight fighter in the Caribbean."