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Powell calls for PLCA changes

Published:Tuesday | September 9, 2014 | 12:00 AM

André Lowe, Senior Staff Reporter

Returning Montego Bay United Football Club (MBUFC) president, Orville Powell, has called for the resignation of Premier League Clubs Association (PLCA) general manager, Andrew Price, for what he believes is a clear conflict of interest, as the stand-off between several clubs and the league administrators took another turn.

Powell's MBUFC was expected yesterday to withdraw its threat of not playing any games in the competition until concerns about the governance, transparency and leadership of the Edward Seaga-led PLCA were addressed.

However, hours before kick-off, they decided to honour the match against Reno FC, under instructions from Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) president, Captain Horace Burrell.

Montego Bay United are one of three clubs that wrote to the JFF noting their displeasure with the PLCA's stewardship of the island's top football competition - citing breaches on the company's Article of Incorporation, which listed Seaga as the sole director of the PLCA; and the absence of audited financial reports, among other issues.

The other clubs that protested were Cavalier and Sporting Central Academy.

Powell also dismissed suggestions from Seaga that his position is being influenced by efforts to reinstate the JFF as administrators of top flight football.

"JFF? That is so far from the truth; Captain Burrell actually begged us to play because this has serious implications not just on the PLCA. In fact, I think Captain Burrell erred when he told us to play and took side with the majority without looking at the issues," Powell said.

"I resigned (as MBUFC president) because of this a couple months ago, because of these same concerns and frustrations. I couldn't continue under this condition, but I was brought back because people felt things were getting worse and they needed me to come back," Powell told The Gleaner.

Price recently admitted on national television that he kept a resignation letter from Seaga away from other directors of the PLCA until he was able to persuade the former prime minister to change his mind.

"It's a disgrace that he could come on national television and say that he put it in his pocket. It is wrong, it is wrong!" Powell exclaimed.

"The chairman resigned and wrote a letter of resignation to the manager of the PLCA. The manager, who is being paid by me and the other clubs, puts it in his pocket and didn't tell anyone about it. Is that operating correctly?" he asked.

"As a club, we are paying this man, who is a technical director of another club, out of our sponsorship money, and he is working for another club also. I see this as a conflict of interest, but the others in the group think it's OK," Powell added.

It is reported that Burrell also suggested that Price resign his PLCA position, during a meeting last Friday between the PLCA and the Professional Football Association of Jamaica (PFAJ).

Powell is also seeking answers around the PLCA's legal standing, given the fact that none of the 12 PLCA directors is listed on the Article of Incorporation.

He told The Gleaner that after trying unsuccessfully to get copies of the PLCA's registration documentation, a group of clubs hired a lawyer and got copies of the Article of Registration from the Office of the Registrar of Companies.

"We found out that really and truly we are just acting, but we are not directors of PLCA. We have no legal documents that state that we are," Powell said. "Let us correct that before you tell me that I am a director of the PLCA and invite me to be a part of the AGM or anything like that because as it stands, based on the document that we just found out we are not."

He added: "On another note, do you expect us to come now and put our name on this document as directors of a company that we know nothing about ... we have not been getting any financial statement for the past seven years.

"So if there is liability, we should just jump in and take it?", he asked.

"The financial statement - we just can't get anything from them. The documentations and discussions with sponsors - we can't get any information.

"Wouldn't it be prudent for us to understand what is happening financially before we move forward. That is all we are asking for," added Powell.