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Gleaner 180 - More tributes to Collie

Published:Saturday | September 13, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Collie Smith (left) and Clyde Walcott. - File

Published: SEPTEMBER 13, 1959

THE following cables expressing sorrow at the death of Collie Smith were received yesterday:

From Alma Hunt, Victor Scott and E. T. Richards who were here with the Bermuda cricket team a few years ago: "Deeply saddened at news of Collie's death. Profound sympathy to relatives. Appreciate keenly irreparable loss to spirit of cricket."

Sports fan P. Williams, 88 Wayford Street, London SW 11, England: "I wish to express my sympathy to WICBC at the passing of such a fine sportsman as Collie Smith, which is also the feeling of many English sportsmen."

Hamilton Cup Board president, Aston Colefield: "Please convey to relatives of Collie my deepest sympathy."

Coming from Shaw Park Hotel, Ocho Rios, was: "All staff and members of cricket team join in sympathy with family on tragic loss."

Editor's Note: O'Neil Gordon 'Collie' Smith died on September 9, 1959 in a car accident in England.