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Leila Robinson courts closed

Published:Tuesday | November 18, 2014 | 12:00 AMRaymond Graham

Activities at the Leila Robinson Courts came to a halt yesterday evening as general manager of Independence Park Limited (IPL), Major Desmon Brown, made an announcement just after the conclusion of the fifth set of matches in the Inter-Secondary School Sports Association netball competition that the facility will be closed indefinitely.

This follows constant complaints from players, officials and fans that they have been shocked inside the complex yesterday.

receiving shocks

According to the people, they have been receiving shocks for a long time, but yesterday it got worse. Several individuals said they were shocked while touching the metal benches inside and also touching the gate at the main entrance. Some said they even suffered shock by body contact.

"We thought that the problem was solved as we did get a report and we shut the place down for a couple days, and this could have come because of some underground problem," said Major Brown.

"We brought our electrician in to do some work, and we thought the problem was solved," he said.

Paul Gerson, the main electrician in charge of the site, told The Gleaner about the problems and suggested that a major puncture of underground cables could have brought about the problems.

Tests and visual

"Tests will have to be done, but before that, there will be a visual just to ensure there is nothing physical on the instillation. Major works happened here lately that didn't involve any serious electrical input. The assumption was made that the installation was working for some time and should not have been compromised, but you know workmen all over, construction crew, they have been working by doing excavation work underground and could have punctured a cable underground," said Gerson.

A casualty of the closure yesterday was the national senior netball team. Several members, including head coach Minnette Reynolds, turned up for their first training session since returning from the World Fast5 competition.

Brown notified Reynolds that the complex had been closed indefinitely.

Gerson and his crew started working immediately.