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Published:Wednesday | January 14, 2015 | 11:02 PM

LIME to launch national futsal competition

Telecommunications firm LIME has announced that it will launch a national futsal competition in March.

LIME's Carlo Redwood, vice president, marketing, said that this programme will have a greater impact on the development of local football than the previous year's competition.

"The futsal format has for many years been the worldwide platform for football development at both the national and club level in many countries across the world. We believe that futsal will provide a credible way of exposing talents to clubs as well as national programmes," Redwood explained.

Globally, futsal programmes focus not only on increasing and honing football skills, but fusing opportunities for continued sports education, training and steering individuals away from unemployment. The futsal format includes four players and a goalkeeper.

"We had remarkable success last year in engaging both players and spectators at the community level and expect that this new competition will be even bigger," Redwood pointed out.

He said the recruitment process for teams will begin on January 31.

Scalpers beware: Rio to slap fines on some resold tickets


In an attempt to crack down on ticket scalping, Brazilian organisers of the 2016 Olympics will impose large fines on anyone involved in the resale of tickets distributed by national Olympic committees. Ticket scalping occurs at most Olympics and it was a problem at last year's World Cup in Brazil. National Olympic committees receive tickets, some of which are sold legally and wind up in package deals.

Organisers of the Rio de Janeiro Games said yesterday that fines for resale of those tickets could reach 100 times the ticket's face value. The policy applies only to tickets distributed by national Olympic committees. Tickets sold to the public through websites or other means are not included, although they are subject to Brazilian law. Selling tickets at above face value is illegal in Brazil.