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Gully Bop will keep it clean at the track

Published:Friday | February 6, 2015 | 12:00 AM
File Gully Bop

NEW dancehall sensation, Gully Bop, said on Wednesday that he plans to keep it clean when he performs on Saturday's McKay Security Caymanas Live Series at Caymanas Park.

Father of three children, now adults, 27 and 25-year-old girls, and a 22-year-old son, Gully Bop said he has done his homework on Caymanas Park, which regards itself as offering as "family entertainment".

"Let me explain this thing. I am a very intelligent deejay. Those songs you hear playing, don't expect to hear that out of my mouth at Caymanas Park.

"I don't deejay those things at VIP events. It's a different crowd. You have to know how you are going to talk. A nuh Sting thing. All the prime minister could be in the crowd. You have to very careful.

"I don't plan to do things. I work off the people I see. I mek sure ask already, 'How dah crowd deh stay?', and Heavy D (manager) seh a decent crowd.

Gully Bop joins a select group of artistes to grace the McKay Security Caymanas Live Series, which started with Busy Signal. Other top acts to have appeared on the series included I-Octane, Spice, Tifa, Kalado and Alkaline.

"One thing mi can tell yu, Gully Bop is coming to entertain with some good tune. When Gully Bop leave, di next day will be a different ting. Read it in the news," he said, predicting that he will break the attendance record at the racetrack.

"From mi born, mi neva guh ova deh. Mi don't know weh in deh look like. Mi neva guh Caymanas Park yet, but mi duh Sting ah Portmore, an mi expect likkle more people than Sting," said the overnight dancehall sensation.

A Sting-like crowd at the Portmore racetrack would swell Caymanas Park's Saturday attendance to more than 50 per cent. The racetrack attracts an average crowd of 5,000 for Saturday racemeets.

"Caymanas thing nuh so expensive like Sting. Dat almost free, and Gully Bop a deh deh. From Gully Bop deh deh, dat a guh sell off, straight up," the new dancehall star added.

- Ainsley Walters