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Supervisor to review Mullings fight

Published:Tuesday | February 24, 2015 | 12:00 AMLeighton Levy

Peter Abdool, the fight supervisor at Saturday night's clash between Jamaica's Sakima Mullings and Guyana's Clive Atwell for the World Boxing Council (WBC) Caribbean Boxing Federation (CABOFE) junior welterweight title, is to review the tape of the fight to verify whether or not the Jamaican has a case when he said poor decisions by the referee, Ian Jardene, cost him the fight.

Mullings filed a petition on Sunday shortly after he returned to the island, calling for the result to be overturned and a rematch ordered.

Two judges, Francis Abraham of Guyana and McKenzie Granger of Trinidad, scored the fight 118-111 and 116-112, respectively, for the Guyanese boxer, while Clifford Brown of Jamaica scored the bout in favour of Mullings.

Mullings contends that Atwell headbutted him, opening up a cut over his left eye, but Jardene failed to deduct a point. The Jamaican welterweight champion also said he knocked Atwell down during the fight, but the referee ruled it a slip. Mullings also accused Atwell of holding excessively in the fight, especially in the later rounds, when he said he had the newly crowned CABOFE junior welterweight champion out on his feet.

Mullings confirmed yesterday that Abdool, who is also president of the Caribbean Boxing Federation (CABOFE), acknowledged receipt of the petition that was filed on Sunday, and said he would be reviewing the tape tomorrow to see whether the cut suffered by Mullings was occasioned by a head butt or a legal punch. He will also be reviewing whether Atwell was knocked down by the Jamaican or if he actually slipped.

Abdool did mention, however, that point deductions for holding are not reversible as they are given solely at the discretion of the referee.

The aggrieved fighter said he has the utmost respect for Abdool and believes he will make a fair and just decision.