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Francis urges coaches to use right methods for best results

Published:Friday | February 27, 2015 | 12:00 AMShayne Fairman
From left: Quentin Aris, Dr Marion Bullock-DuCasse vice chairman of the Gibson McCook Relays Organising Committee (GMROC), Prof. Rainford Wilks chairman of GMROC, Sandra Aris and Stephen Francis at Wednesday's Howard Aris Memorial lecture which was held at the University of Technology.

World-renowned coach, Stephen Francis of Maximising Velocity and Power (MVP) track and field club, has urged local track and field coaches to use the right methods to get the best results from their athletes.

Francis made his call while speaking at the fourth annual Howard Aris Memorial Lecture on Wednesday inside the University of Technology Auditorium in Papine, St Andrew.

While looking at various events, including sprinting, high jump and long jump, Francis underscored that the off-field approach often affects results.

"Training, rehydration, warm-up and weight lifting are important, but if they are not done properly, they could see the athlete not performing at an optimum," noted Francis, who described his coaching method "as different and willing to try new things".

He noted that the athlete's training regime, diet and approach are critically important to the results he/she gets.

"The Jamaican diet unfortunately does not have much nutrients, it's mostly carbohydrates, and I believe it is important for athletes to get help in choosing those foods and supplements that can help put back what they lose through performances," he added.

Francis describes himself as a coach not afraid to invent or try new coaching mechanisms; however, he based those on international research.


no rest


"My job is to never to rest, but see how I can refine things and make them better and try something different," he told The Gleaner.

"My role at this lecture was to give a presentation that is similar and relevant to the coaches' style here (Jamaica)," Francis assured.

The MVP guru has been coaching from 1982, and is arguably one of the world's top coaches, with a number of big named stars like Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Kaliese Spencer, and Nesta Carter in his camp.

Wednesday's lecture paid tribute to late Jamaica Amateur Athletic Association (JAA) president Howard Aris. He presented ahead of tomorrow's Gibson McCook Relays at the National Stadium. Aris' widow, Sandra, and son Quentin were present at the lecture.

"I am very happy and honoured to be here. He (Howard Aris) was deserving of all this, and I am just happy to know that they have recognised and kept his spirit alive," Mrs Aris said.