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Chin: Patrick will remain at Waterhouse

Published:Sunday | March 22, 2015 | 12:00 AMMarc Stamp
Ricky Chin ... president of Waterhouse Football Club

President of Waterhouse Football Club Ricardo 'Ricky' Chin has revealed that coach Christopher Bender was added to the club's technical team after weaknesses were identified in the coaching of the club's senior team.

The move to bring in Bender as a 'co-coach' has caused some disquiet at the club, but Chin said current coach Anthony Patrick is not being pushed aside.

"We have seen weaknesses in the coaching of the senior team that should be corrected," Chin told The Sunday Gleaner. "We are now seen in a different light as a football club in the Caribbean and want to keep in a positive mode moving forward, hence, we added Bender to join Anthony Patrick as co-coaches of the senior team," he explained.

Waterhouse will be competing in the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) Club Champion's Cup next month, and Chin has his sights set on the team advancing to the CONCACAF Champions League.

"We are hoping to, again, do well in the CFU tournament and advance to the CONCACAF stage," Chin said.




However, Patrick, who has served as head coach up to last Sunday's defeat at the hands of relegation bound Barbican at Waterhouse Stadium, is unhappy with how the club brought in Bender.

"The club has taken a decision to bring in a co-head coach, and that is a surprise to me," Patrick stated.

"I'm upset about how it was done as the agreement was to add another assistant coach to work with Marcel Gayle," he informed. "Myself and Marcus Gayle have taken charge of 60 games in all competitions and lost only 11. We have been doing well by finishing second in the Premier League last season and winning the Flow Champions Knockout title and the KSAFA/Jackie Bell title last February. There is no reason for the club to do this now."

Bender said his job is to work alongside Patrick.

"I was introduced to the team as joint head coach. That was a surprise to me," Bender told The Sunday Gleaner. "I have spoken to coach Patrick and we will work together," he pointed out.