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One Champs Fan's Dream

Published:Friday | March 27, 2015 | 12:00 AM
A section of the crowd inside the National Stadium at yesterday's third day of the 2015 ISSA/GraceKennedy Boys and Girls' Championships.

In a moment of reflection on day 2 of this week's Boys and Girls Championships, a veteran fan made a surprising revelation. He said he looks forward to a time when Champs isn't dominated by a few big schools. He dreams of the day when competition is so fierce that the winning tally is around 100 points.

That hit me like a bolt from the blue. Girls' Championships is always won with tallies of over 300 points and with the addition of new events recently, the top tally at Boys' Championships has hovered within reach of that number too. Last year, Calabar reached 305 to win Boys' Champs, while girls' champion school Edwin Allen gathered 337.5 points.

My friend's dream was never further away than in 2009 when Holmwood took the girls' title with 400.5 points. He believes that a flatter points differential between top teams and the rest might mean that quality athletes and coaches are spread islandwide.

Right now, the big players gobble up most of the points. To use the boys' as an example, Calabar, KC and JC often score as many as 800 points, with St Jago, STETHS and Wolmer's worth another 400. That leaves a pauper's portion for the other schools. In fact, while almost 100 teams enter, many never score a single point.

Last year, Cornwall College scored 45 points to finish 11th, with Herbert Morrison and Cedric Titles tying at 19th with 10 points. For all we know, managing transfers, improvement in school play fields and the ongoing spread of coaching expertise could make my friend's dream come true.

Current discussions on transfers aside, I wonder what Champs would be like in those circumstances. Who knows? Sometimes, dreams do come true.