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Sporting Central staying in Clarendon

Published:Wednesday | May 6, 2015 | 12:00 AMLivingston Scott

Following Sporting Central Academy's relegation from the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) football competition on Sunday, rumours surfaced that the Clarendon club had plans to follow in the footsteps of another former Clarendon club, Hazard United, and switch parish affiliation.

However, Sporting Central's president, Ainsley Lowe, flatly denied those rumours.

Further though, he revealed that plans are afoot to relocate to a new venue being constructed in Clarendon, at Middlesex College near Versailles hotel, insisting that they have no intention to walk away from the club.

Lowe pointed out that both former home grounds, Brancourt and Juici-Patties playing field, which are a stone's throw apart, are too far outside of May Pen and this greatly affects attendance, but he believes that if they are to revive the club and improve their fanbase and return to top-flight football, changes like this will be necessary.

"No, we are not leaving the parish, not to Manchester," Lowe told The Gleaner.

"We are moving to a new venue. We will move from Juici Patties to Versailles, but we are not moving from Clarendon," Lowe reaffirmed.

"It is closer to May Pen, and we are moving because of that - its proximity to May Pen. It will allow more patrons to attend games and it is a better facility, with covered seating," he contended

Lowe said he only has the club's well-being at heart and noted that regaining their top-flight status is a top priority.

"I am not going to mash up Sporting Central, nor I am going to migrate or disband. This must be a mix up, somebody probably heard we are moving and thought it was something else, but nothing like that."

On the matter of their relegation, Lowe said it was "disappointing", but not "sad".

However, he noted that 2012 when he came into the club, they were struggling in all aspects and they never overcame that until they were relegated this season

He said, "It's now a good opportunity to reflect and reassess things before they reorganise to move forward.

"In life, nature requires refreshing for you to grow, and sometimes it's done different ways. Maybe this is the way we have to do it - go down and take a look at yourself and come again. We will see things clearer in regards to what you need and what you don't need and it will be a lot easier playing so-called 'Bush League' - it's less expensive," he added.