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Cavs say sorry

Published:Saturday | May 9, 2015 | 12:00 AM


The Cleveland Cavaliers have apologised for showing a video during Wednesday's NBA play-off game that showed a man violently throwing a woman across a room for wearing a Chicago Bulls T-shirt.

During a timeout in Cleveland's win, the team showed a one-minute video on its large scoreboard spoofing a popular TV commercial in which a couple fall while attempting the famous lift from Dirty Dancing. In the Cavs' in-arena promotion, the male Cleveland fan lifts his partner then tosses her over a sofa, saying: "Bulls fan? I didn't know you were a Bulls fan."

An announcer then says: "When it's play-off basketball time, you have to be all in. Don't make the same mistake she made."

Later, the woman is shown holding an ice pack on her head and saying: "Well, I'm all-in now," a nod to Cleveland's play-off motto.

The Cavaliers released a statement on Thursday in which they said they regretted their actions.

"While the video was not intended to be offensive, it was a mistake to include content that made light of domestic violence," the team said. "Domestic violence is a very serious matter and has no place in a parody video that plays in an entertainment venue. We sincerely apologise to those who have been affected by domestic violence for the obvious negative feelings caused by being exposed to this insensitive video."

Before the apology, the team was widely criticised on social media for being insensitive toward domestic violence.