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Capleton to light the fire

Published:Friday | May 15, 2015 | 12:00 AM

HOT on Sizzla's heels comes another firebrand artiste at Caymanas Park this Saturday when Capleton, the 'Fireman', takes the stage for the McKay Security Caymanas Live Entertainment Series.

Capleton, also known as 'King Shango', told Racing Along he was burning to have a go at the Caymanas Park crowd, which numbered up to 8,000 for performances from the likes of Gully Bop and Sizzla.

"We want the people to come out in their tens of thousands," Capleton said earlier this week.

record attendance

The monthly entertainment series has led to record attendance and marked improvement in sales at the Portmore, St Catherine, racetrack, generating an additional $2.65m on Caymanas Live racedays.

CTL's chief executive officer, Cedric Stewart, said he was pleased that another big-name act would be at the park.

"It's good and a welcome sign. There is no doubt in our minds that top-class entertainment attracts more visitors to the park and, indeed, once they are here, some of them will wager," he said.

Meanwhile, for Capleton, it's a return to Caymanas Park where he was once employed in a completely different capacity.

"I have been there to work before, but nuff people don't know about that. I used to do welding work. When the towers had rust, I used to clean them up; weld and paint them, in the early 1980s," he revealed.