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Officials expect 'credible' FIFA to emerge

Published:Friday | May 29, 2015 | 12:00 AMLivingston Scott
Orville Powell, chairman of Montego Bay United FC

The arrests of several FIFA and CONCACAF officials on charges of corruption has been described as "a sad day" and "wicked for football" by Montego Bay United's chairman Orville Powell.

However, Harbour View general manager Clyde Jureidini sees the arrests as positive, insisting that it's a move in the right direction as it has set the stage for the world governing body for football to start cleaning its house of corruption and other malpractices, with the hope that the tainted organisation can transform into a more credible and accountable one in the future.

"It's just sad. It's a sad day for football. The implications are just wicked for football. With all of this uncertainty you just wonder. Nothing good can come out of it," Powell stressed.

However, like Jureidini, Powell is hoping this unsavoury episode will in the long term be good for the sport.

"Until now it hasn't sunk in properly yet. We knew some things were going on, but it's just the twist it has taken and the timing. We are just hoping football can withstand this kind of pressure. The game itself can be a winner - because we don't want it to be anything other than that - but we are trying to figure it out. Will it go on and what will be the result? Everything will be in an uncertain mode for a while," he cautioned.


still more to be revealed


Jureidini says there is still more to be revealed and he wants to wait until more information becomes available before committing himself; however, he believes corruption in football has been covered up for much too long and says Wednesday's moves should set the stage for a new dawn in FIFA.

"The focus (on corruption) has been in recent times, but it has been going on for a long time. The investigation itself has been for a period of about 24 years ... and this goes to the heart of what is happening, and we have our own example of it here in Jamaica," he stated.

"It (corruption) needs to be exposed and stand the light of day. If it (administration and sport) is a clean one and it's ethical to everyone, it can only help the sport and its reputation and its credibility," Jureidini said.