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Money the root of all evil, argues Dr Paul Wright

Published:Tuesday | June 9, 2015 | 12:00 AMDr Paul Wright, Contributor

My fascination with the quote "money is the root of all evil" reached new heights when I read and listened to so-called commentators on sports and society trying to minimalise and in an underhand way, justify the clinging to power of desperate men who - despite mounting evidence that their tenure of leadership was tainted by malfeasance - somehow manage to describe the reign as "good", mainly because of the money that was earned during their reign.

As revelations about multiple wrongdoings in FIFA appear, President Sepp Blatter is being portrayed as this wonderful man who brought riches to poor football nations. His resignation, as more and more damning information is revealed, has not brought about the expected sigh of relief from those who should know better.

What I am seeing and hearing is weeping and wailing as the supposed demise of the FIFA president will only augur woe for "poor" nations like Jamaica.

This is not to minimise the equitable division of FIFA surplus to all nations that play football or to dismiss altogether the expansion of the teams that play in the finals of the World Cup.


downright dishonesty


What I think is being missed by those commentators, including pastors, is the fact that all these gains could be achieved without the allegations of bribery, money laundering, and downright dishonesty by those entrusted with the running of the organisation.

I do believe that when these allegations are settled in a court of law, there will be the opportunity for a leader to emerge who truly believes in honesty, transparency, and one who insists that those around him are similarly focused.

We must understand that anyone who observes malfeasance (bribery) and says nothing is just as guilty as those who were involved in the actual activity.

It is time that we-the-people reject those who would seek to buy our support with cash and to insist that those who put themselves up for leadership positions in sports and society are not tainted by proven allegations of past misdeeds.

I do not believe that the present cadre of leaders that we have now will resign or change. I am banking on the young and informed who would have learnt from history that "money is the root of evil".


Doping in sports


The BBC's Panorama programme has unearthed information regarding the use of performance-enhancing drugs by successful athletes. None of the athletes named failed a drug test, but the confessions of fellow athletes and doctors have painted a very disturbing picture of what goes on behind closed doors in sports.

There are some of us who have been well aware that a negative drug test does not in any way guarantee a clean athlete. Revelations of a British athlete who micro-dosed on erythropoietin (epo) and other performing-enhancing substances and yet tested negative at every test, has prompted the head of WADA to proclaim that soon, all will be caught.

That is a fact. All who cheat now will eventually be exposed. The 1980 winner of the 100-metre race at the Moscow Olympics has denied using performance enhancers when his fellow athletes and medical personnel present at the time swear that he doped. The allegation that the silver medallist in the London Olympics 2012, 10,000 metres was doped as a teenager (in 2002) have all come via confessions.

No accused athlete will say "Yes, I cheated"; and although cheaters are one or two steps ahead of testers at present, all will be caught.

Let us remind everyone of the theme of our own JADCO: "You don't need dope to cope."

Finally, there are still great sporting moments. This past weekend saw Serena Williams (the most beautiful girl in the world) winning the French Open, Barcelona winning the Champions League, American Pharaoh winning the American Triple crown, and Cleveland Cavaliers overcoming the loss of Kyrie Irving to win Game Two of the best-of-seven NBA Finals. What a weekend! God truly loves sports!