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Dusard beats Carlos on Night of Champions

Published:Monday | July 6, 2015 | 12:00 AMAinsley Walters
Jamaica's Nicholas Dusard (left) and United States Julio Carlos backstage after competing on Saturday's International Taekwon-Do Federation-featured match on Night of Champions at the International Sports Karate Association's United States Open, held at Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, Florida.

NICHOLAS DUSARD finally got the one opponent he had chased for two years. He not only beat Julio Carlos on his home turf, but did so convincingly in a live match on international sports channel ESPN during Saturday's Night of Champions at the International Sports Karate Association's US Open Night of Champions.

"It's like I knew everything he was going to do. I saw everything coming, two or three moves before he did anything," Dusard told The Gleaner after winning the International Taekwon-Do Federation-featured match 3-1 in the Coronado Ballroom.

Dusard and two-time world sparring champion Carlos have been fierce rivals since they were juniors. Google either fighter's name and numerous YouTube links will pop up, showing them in battle at major international championships, the last two of which ended in defeat for Dusard, including August's World Cup in Montego Bay.

Carlos had also beaten Dusard at the 2013 World Championships in Benidorm, Spain. Hobbled by an injured shoulder in Montego Bay last year, Dusard could not chase the slick American, who pays his respect to the Jamaican by mainly scoring points from the outside in their clashes.

However, on Saturday's bout, TV time and a back-from-surgery Dusard caught up with Carlos, who was floored by the Jamaican's side kick to the chin.

Carlos resumed the bout, but found Dusard much the aggressor and stronger fighter, as he, on more than one occasion, tried to lure the Jamaican into his dangerous reverse turning kick.

"I was prepared for that," Dusard said. "Truth be told, since returning from the World Champs in Italy, I don't see a fighter out there I would say is really quick," he added.

Dusard won his first ITF World Championship medal in May, winning bronze in Jesolo, Italy, where Carlos was knocked out in the fourth round.

Saturday's Night of Champions win was Dusard's second in four years. He won on his 2011 debut, beating Argentina's Estanillo Serrano. In 2013, he fell to another great Argentine fighter, Matias Bustamante.

The Night of Champions victory capped a successful US Open for Dusard, who led Jamaica to victory in the three-man team-fighting contest against South Africa, handing the island the first of 32 gold medals won at the weekend.

Jamaica closed the US Open with 85 medals, 32 gold, 22 silver, and 31 bronze.