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MOTOR RALLY: Day two of JMMC/NACAM Rally under way

Published:Sunday | November 29, 2015 | 12:00 AM

When the black 2008 Ford Focus crackled past the first hairpin turn at Bybrook, St Catherine at 7.40 am it signalled the start of day two of the JMMC/NACAM Rally.

There was brutal action all day Saturday with only 18 of the 28 cars that started managing to dash across the flying finish.

Noticeable among the dropouts was Douglas 'Hollywood' Gore who went airborne over a crest landing hard and damaging his oil cooler. That translated into a jammed engine and the end of the Rally for Gore.

Meanwhile, Panton was clinical as he laid down fast times all day. Frenchman Simon-Jean Joseph had a lot to say about that as he punished his WRC Ford Fiesta in answer to Panton.

Young turk Kyle Gregg drove like a man possessed as he duked out with main rival Joel Jackson.

Further down the field, the NACAM Ford Fiestas acquitted themselves well despite the howling protest from their engines as they extracted every ounce of performance available.

So far for today's action, John Powell has dropped out after the first stage and while Jeffery Panton continues to clinical in the lead, at times taking it sideways around the corners.

Day two of Rally Jamaica promises lots of action.