Thu | Jan 18, 2018

Call me! God has a plan for you Yohan Blake, says Father Ho Lung

Published:Tuesday | January 19, 2016 | 3:39 PMShayne Fairman, Sport Writer
Yohan Blake (left) and Father Richard Ho Lung. Ho Lung says he is concerned about Blake and his injuries.

Noted clergyman, Father Richard Ho Lung, considered one of the country’s most devoted philanthropist, said he prays for ailing 100-metre and 200-metre silver medallist Yohan Blake and hopes the athlete will “soon be restored to full health” and return to excel on the track.

Ho Lung, who founded Missionaries of the Poor, said he was a cricketer during his school days at St George’s College, but admits that his passion as a Christian as well as passion for serving his country and his humanitarian beliefs superseded sports.

Ho Lung says he believes God has a plan for injured sprinting superstar Blake, who he is hoping will come to meet him and his people at Missionaries of the Poor.

“If he ever wants to speak with me or meet with me and my people Yohan can call me if he wishes at telephone 948-6173,” the priest told The Gleaner during a telephone call yesterday.

Ho Lung confirmed that his organisation is in the process of rallying support and assistance to get victims of last week’s fire on Duke Street in Kingston into homes.

“I admire this fine athlete very, very much and he is a Jamaican who seems to be firmly rooted in the soil. I am concerned about him and his injury. I pray he can be restored to full health,” stressed Ho Lung.

Blake, who works out of the Glen Mills-conditioned Racers Track Club based at the University of the West Indies, is Jamaica's second-fastest athlete over 100 metres (9.69 seconds) and 200 metres (19.26 seconds).

The Jamaican was unable to defend his world championship title in 2013 because of injury and has been out of competition for a sustained period since then.

“I pray to God that he will get over injuries and that he will get what God has intended for him. From he burst on to the scene, from right then and there I knew there is something quiet and very strong about the athlete,” Ho Lung said.