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Sudden end to Contender bout

Published:Friday | June 10, 2016 | 12:00 AMLeroy Brown
Holmes ... in Contender final.

Tsetsi 'Lights Out' Davis, the man who, more than anything else, wanted to be crowned Wray and Nephew Welterweight Contender 2016, had his hopes dashed to pieces on Wednesday night when his semi-final bout with Richard 'Frog' Holmes ended prematurely because of two severe cuts over and under his left eye.

The cuts, which came after a clash of heads at one minute and 35 seconds of the first round, saw both boxers falling to the canvas. When Davis got back to his feet, referee Eion Jardine took a look at the cuts that he had suffered, signalled Holmes to a neutral corner and asked ring doctor Andre McDonald to look at the injury. After carrying out his examination, McDonald ruled that the fight could not go on because of the severity of the cuts and advised the referee to call off the fight. He did so and ruled it a no decision.

This was based on the fact that the bout lasted less than four rounds, and there was very little action between the combatants before the clash of heads. The question then arose as to what would happen as someone had to move on to the finals.

In assessing the situation, McDonald stated that because of how deep the cuts were, especially the one over the left eye, Davis would not be able to even start training again inside of eight weeks. He would not, therefore, be able to fight for another three months, the doctor said. After a quick meeting at ringside, it was ruled that Holmes, who also received a cut on his head, would be fit enough to move on to the finals.

Wednesday's accidental clash of heads was so forceful that both men fell to the canvas. Holmes said afterwards that it was a severe blow and that he was "out of it" and did not collect his bearings for a few minutes.

He added that he was sorry that the fight ended the way that it did as he wanted to score a decisive victory over Davis and then move to the final.

"My heart goes out to Tsetsi and I wish him all the best. I am really happy to get back to the final, however, and plan to take the title home this year."

Davis, on the other hand, was heartbroken, and wondered aloud,"Why this have to happen to me?" He said while being examined by the medical team that he would be ready to fight Holmes in a few weeks, but when McDonald broke the bad news of the time frame needed for the cuts to heal, he shed tears.

His trainer, Wayne Sharp, and adviser, Larry McGee, also thought that it was cruel for Davis to go out this way after all the hard work that had been put into his preparation.

"He was ready to take the title this year," they volunteered.

In the two amateur bouts on the card, G. C. Foster's Ricardo Carter scored a second-round technical knockout victory over Sanjay Williams from the Bruising Gym, while Sugar Knockout's Samuel Grant picked up a unanimous decision over Orlando Dixon from Boys' Town.