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Ja end with 80 medals at US Open

Published:Monday | July 11, 2016 | 12:16 AMAinsley Walters
Rising Sun Karate's Russell English lands a a side kick to the face of his opponent on way to securing a silver medal in 10-11 advanced continuous sparring at the International Sports Karate Association's US Open World Martial Arts Championships on Friday.

Jamaica added 50 medals to their tally at the International Sports Karate Association’s US Open World Martial Arts Championships on Saturday, ending the world’s biggest open tournament with 80 medals, eight shy of last year’s record haul of 88. The island’s martial artists mined 20 gold, 12 silver and 18 bronze on Saturday, adding to 14 gold, eight silver and eight bronze won on the first two days at the Coronado Resort in Orlando, Florida. Last year’s haul included 33 gold, 22 silver and 33 bronze.

Medal winners
Kingston Taekwon-Do (14) 10-3-1
Gold - Nicholas Dusard, 18-29 black belt, 170-184lb clash sparring
Gold – Ackeem Lawrence – Night of Champions winner
Gold – Akino Lindsay, heavyweight black belt, clash sparring
Gold - Subrina Richards, 140-149lb black belt, clash sparring,
Bronze - Nicolai Reid, 18-29, -169lb black belt, clash sparring
Gold - Tahj Hewitt, 18 and over black belt, advance, clash sparring.
Silver - Joshane  Thompson (Jamaica College), 18 and over black belt, advance, clash sparring.
Silver - Tye McKay (Calabar) 16-17 black belt clash sparring
Gold - Miguel Hamilton, (St George’s ) 14-15 advance, clash sparring.
Silver - Duncan Smith, (St George’s )14 -15 advance clash sparring.
Gold - Brandon Scott (Kingston College) 16- 17 intermediate clash sparring.
Gold - Jowayne Gordon (Kingston College) 16- 17 beginner clash sparring.
Gold - Daniel Azan (North Gate High) 14-15 beginner/novice
Gold - Malique Grannum, 8-9 beginner/novice

Ultimate Taekwon-Do (15) 4-3-8
Gold - Chadrick Gray, clash sparring, adult male beginner; Bronze- points sparring.
Gold - Petrano Belafonte, clash sparring, adult male intermediate; Bronze - points aparring.
Gold - Aneeke Brown, clash sparring, female lightweight black belt; Bronze - points sparring.
Silver - Jasmine Barrows, clash sparring, female lightweight black belt); Silver - points sparring.
Bronze - Sara Senior Smith, clash sparring, six-seven beginners girls.
Gold - Kenya Isaacs, clash sparring, six to seven novice.
Silver - Gabrielle Johnson, clash sparring; Bronze - points sparring, nine-year-old beginners.
Bronze - Ethan Senior Smith; Bronze, clash sparring , 10-11 beginners.
Bronze - Antoine Alexander, points sparring, 10-11 beginners.

Ningen Karate (10) 2-3-5
Silver - Alex Dunn (Wolmer’s Boys’) 16-17 black belt clash sparring.
Silver - Jordan Scott, traditional kata, seven-eight, advanced.
Gold - Jeyna Allison, traditional kata; Bronze - points sparring, seven-eight, intermediate.
Gold - Najey Allison, traditional kata, five-six, new intermediate.
Bronze - Anna-Lee McEwan, points sparring, seven-eight, new intermediate.
Bronze - Isaac Dudley, traditional kata; Bronze - points sparring, seven- eight beginners.
Bronze - Bianca Barber, traditional kata; Silver - points sparring, five and under, beginners.

Rising Sun Karate (9) 3-3-3
Bronze – Marissa Jones, 18 and over black belt clash sparring
Silver - Russell English, 10-11 advanced, clash sparring; Bronze - traditional form.
Gold - Lee-Micheal Henry, seven and under advanced, clash sparring; Silver - points sparring; Bronze, traditional form.
Gold - Khain Henry, five and under, clash sparring and points sparring; Silver - traditional forms.

Jamaica Taekwon-Do Academy (1)
Bronze – Trevor Webb Jr, (Calabar) 18-29, -169lb black belt clash sparring

Future Leaders Karate (1)
Gold – Sheckema Cunningham, -125lb black belt, clash sparring